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Cooking Suggestions from our over 13,000 Pendejo Nation

Using Smokin'
Use a little Smokin' on brisket, ribs, fajitas then use Poco Loco or Mooey Texas. Use 1 tsp Smokin' with 4 generous tbl of Poco or Mooey if you are making a rub.

Cluckin' BBQ
Cluckin' on baby back ribs and on brisket is amazing!

Ramen & Mariachi
Add a tsp of Mariachi and a little of the seasoning packet to the 5-for-a-Dollar Ramen Noodles. Add a hard boiled egg once served.

Mas Sexy Fajitas
Use a little Smokin' and then generous Mas Sexy on fajita meat. Unique and delicious.

Salmon or Shrimp
Put Oro del Mar (formerly known as Burnin') on salmon, and grill it. Start skin side down. Put Oro del Mar on shrimp, and grill or broil. No oil coating or marinade is needed for salmon or shrimp cooked this way.

Chop up avocados with a tsp or so of Mariachi. Squeeze a half a lime or lemon on top. It's very fast and you will love it. Add a serrano or chile petin or jalapeno to make it spicy.

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