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Mooey Tropical
Unique Lemon Orange
$12.00 Mooey Tropical

Poco Loco
Crazy Good for BBQ
$12.00 Poco Loco

Mesquite Smoke
$12.00 Smokin

Cluckin' Red
Paprika Mesquite
$12.00 Cluckin' Red

Cluckin' Hot
Paprika Mesquite Hot
$12.00 Cluckin' Hot

Mooey® Caliente
Spicy Awesome Mooey
$12.00 Mooey Caliente

Mooey® Texas
Paprika Turmeric
$12.00 Mooey Texas

Mas Sexy
Beverage Dressing & More
$12.00 Mas Sexy

Oro del Mar
Amazing on Salmon & Shrimp
$12.00 Oro del Mar

Cilantro Lime
$12.00 Mariachi Rub

Mooey® Especial
Mooey, Pepper & Cumin
$12.00 Mooey Especial

El Regalo
"The Gift Box" 10 Bottles
$110.00 Gift Pack - El Regalo

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Gift Box with Ten Seasonings
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Mooey Texas, Mooey Especial, Mooey Tropical, Mooey Caliente, Smokin', Mariachi, Cluckin Red, Poco Loco, Oro del Mar, and Mas Sexy.

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$110.00 Gift Pack - El Regalo

Nomas Pendejeando!

Great for Sausage and Chorizo Too! YUM


Dress your Cerveza Too! YUM


A Few Winning Photos from BBQ Competitions

Great Chefs Using Great Seasoning (and a ton of skill)

Beef Tenderloin Steaks with Smokin' & Poco Loco

Steaks with Smokin' and Poco Loco

"A Steak Recipe"

Sprinkle Dos Pendejos Smokin' on all sides (just a little).

Add Dos Pendejos Poco Loco on all sides.

Add some olive oil to pan and heat it up. Then brown on all sides.

Bake in hot oven for a few minutes. These were 135° when removed.

Let them rest - they will continue to cook.

The Smokin' in combination with Poco Loco or Mooey Texas or Mooey Caliente is a favorite for professional chefs. A heavy skillet (cast iron, stainless, ...) will do a great job, and with a thick cut of meat, finishing in the oven works really well.

Dos Pendejos has done it AGAIN!

Flavors To Make You Drool

Poco Loco adds crazy good flavor and finish to your BBQ brisket. It's the top favorite today.

Mooey Texas and it's hot brother Mooey Caliente is paprika turmeric seasoning on ribs, brisket, pork - especially tenderloin.

Cluckin' Red has paprika and mesquite and is fantastic for chicken; to make pollo asado like it should be. Get that red crispy chicken with the right flavors so the chicken is both great and has the good texture.

Mariachi Rub is a cilantro lime seasoning that is unique. Put it on your margarita rim, add it to seafood like shrimp or fish, and of course every good pendejo puts cilantro and lime in their guacamole.

Add them to your cooking arsenal!

Buy it for the Smile

Buy it next time 'cause it's good!

Cluckin' Red for Pollo Asado











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